Hi!  I'm Angela (La La)

What I do and share:

Massage Therapy

A massage with me will BLISS YOU OUT.  I have magic hands that will soothe the body, quiet the mind and calm emotions.

Fire & LED Dancing

I offer entertainment/ fire medicine for special occasions.  I am trained to safely "dance" with different props set on fire...

Hula Hoop

Get nostalgic and get back into hula hooping!  I make my own adult-size hoops and host events in the parks for all ages and skill levels.

Welcome to La La Land!
(Blog-type page)   Where...

Things are ALWAYS working out for you!

Life has your back.

Your Joy and interests, dreams and desires are important to you. 
(Keep following them!!!)

You appreciate who you are and value yourself. 

You always have plenty- 
Whatever you need/want in the moment.

You enjoy being focused here in a body,
with your brilliant mind, and helpful emotions.
You feel SO happy for what has been... 
And eager for what is yet to come.

Most of all- ALL IS WELL.

( This page is in the works)

Hi! I'm Angela
aka La La

I've been a massage therapist since 2004 and interested in metaphysical/spiritual stuff for as long as I can remember.

For 6 years, my husband and I traveled and lived in a 3o-foot 5th wheel RV.  We found ourselves spending a lot of time in Sedona, Arizona. 

Life took a huge turn for me in July of '23 with my husband's passing.  And I find myself in Sedona again for the 2024 winter.