Fire and LED Flow Performance

I offer gifts of dance and flow that will dazzle and delight at the right event or gathering.

I am trained to safely "spin" and play with props that are lit on fire.
I especially enjoy being a part of sacred ceremony and retreats.
I prefer dancing to live drumming, although I have a playlist of songs if we need them.

Right now, I'm a one-gal show!  -Accompanied by a friend who spots me while using fire-- keeping me and everyone safe. 
This is a hobby I am deeply passionate about and share for FUN.

I have 3 types of fire props:  Palm torches, Hula Hoop, Fans
I have 2 types that light-up (LED/battery operated): Hula Hoop and Fans

Contact me for more details!

La La with fire fans

La La with daytime fire fans