My name is Angela
(Angie "La La")

My head is admittedly often in the clouds (La La Land).  But that's because we've all been taught to take Life so serious!

Also admittedly, I've always been prone to positivity.  As well as humor, and asking the BIG questions in Life/of God/the Universe.

And I've come to understand something absolutely incredible:  Life isn't happening TO me...  It's actually happening FROM me.

We are all Creators. We are all Love.
And life is supposed to be good.

Tidbits about me:

Born and raised in Minnesota.
I love to camp, hike, swim, swim and swim.
Graduated massage therapy school in 2004.
Went to Peru 2 years after that and lived in Cusco for a year.  (Amazing!!!)
Got married in 2017 and we moved away to travel full-time in a 30ft 5th-wheel RV.
We ended up sucked into Sedona, Arizona for much of the time.

My husband has since woken up from this Earthly dream.
So I sold our truck and RV.  But I am still traveling. 

I'm fascinated with Buckminster Fuller and I LOVE DOMES. 
I have visions of dome communities.  And I have a dome guy:
(Blair Wolfram)  domeincorporated.com

Along with dome homes, I'm also drawn to food foresting & gardens. 
Delicious food and community:  Many hands, light work, tons of play, and new ways of being. 

I've been dancing with fire for almost 10 years and have never been harmed while doing so.
(I've been singed!  But never badly hurt.)

I enjoy hula-hooping and I make my own to share with adults. 
I also offer hula-hoop-making workshops because I don't usually sell the ones I make.

I've been interested in quantum physics, spiritual stuff and the nature of "reality"
for as long as I can remember thinking!  I've asked so many questions over the years,
and HOLY SHIT, YES!  I've received satisfying answers!!!

I was partner in a lapidary in Sedona, AZ for a few years, doing photography and writing blogs.
 Click here to see my rock portfolio or visit Copper Canyon Lapidary to learn
more about stones like Shungite and Septarian Nodules.

In Human Design I am a Projector with Splenic authority and 3/5 profile. 

And I'm on the planet at this time to teach myself and others